Have You Ever: Take the SafeTeens Sexting Poll!


Text messages. Snap Chat. KIK. Videos. Vines. Today’s smartphones are loaded with seemingly billions of ways and trillions of apps allowing us chat with others, including boyfriends, girlfriends, and significant others, twenty-four/seven.

Not surprisingly, some people, including teens, use their smartphones and other devices to send sexually suggestive and explicit photos and videos. This is known as sexting.

In the last few years, sexting has become a hot topic. Everyone is talking about it. Yes, Everyone. Your Mom. Your Grandma. Your first-grade teacher. No one, however, can seem to agree on it  especially when it comes to teens sexting. That’s why we want to hear from you. Take the quick three question survey to share your thoughts on sexting.

Voice Your Opinion:

After dating for a month, Alex asks Chloe to send him a pic. Chloe sends Alex a sexually suggestive selfie and days later, finds out it has spread throughout school. Who is at fault?

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Have you ever sent sexually suggestive or explicit selfies (by text, KIK, SnapChat or anything else) to someone else?

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The last time I sexted...

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Sexting is...

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