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Musical STIs, A Safe Teens Lesson

SafeTeens Lessons

Health class comes alive with SafeTeens Lessons! Designed to combat risky sexual health behaviors and the attitudes and beliefs that sustain them, these fun lesson plans and activities will get your students moving—and thinking.

Musical STIs: The game that proves the only thing catchier than a played-out tune is an STI.

The Continuum of Risk: Everyone knows unprotected sex is risky, but a dirty joke?! Where’s the risk in that?



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The MFHS Virtual Visit

Now available on CD, this virtual reproductive health walk-through is designed to alleviate teenage fears about reproductive health exams. For $19.99, you get the virtual visit video and a variety of safe sex resources to empower every teen to take care of her or his reproductive health.

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The Teen Game Plan
Guide For Adults

TGP Guide for Adults: For parents, teachers, coaches, school nurses. Designed by the PA Department of Health to be used with the Teen Game Plan, this informative guide provides adults with the communication skills necessary to talk about life planning and encourage healthy decisions.



Additional Resources

Planned Parenthood Tools for Educators: Resources for implementing and evaluating sex ed.

Get Yourself Tested Toolkit: Bring MTV’s GYT campaign to your school with these materials.

ThinkB4YouSpeak For Educators: Resources by GLSEN to help reduce and prevent harassment.

Changing the Game: Coaches and phys. ed. teachers can foster an athletic climate that is based on the core principles of respect, safety and equal access for all.