Pregnancy in a hot tub? That’s a thing?!


Water and chlorine may not be able to prevent pregnancy, but condoms and birth control can. You can get condoms and birth control at Pennsylvania’s free, teen-friendly Reproductive Health Centers.

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  1. Hazel Espinoza

    Heyy i need to know how i can get a hold of you?? I have an emergency pregnecy question??

    • Safe Teens

      Hi Hazel, You can contact a local reproductive health center. Any one of them should be able to answer your question, and bring you in for an appointment if necessary. Find a list of free, teen-friendly health centers here: http://www.safeteens.org/find-a-health-center/?cn-cat=2

      • Stefan

        GD Star Ratingloading…I got pregnant when I was 16 and I at the time ursondteod what I was getting myself into. I’m a Maori from NZ and I think the culture here is supportive of teen pregnancy and pregnancy in general. When I got pregers I was taking drugs and smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped these immediately! Getting pregnant for was great! I am now pregnant with my fifth baby and have a college degree in nursing and am working toward a Masters.GD Star Ratingloading…

    • Heather

      GD Star Ratingloading…Parents online is about 20 years biehnd the times. Nowadays teenage pregnancy is par for the course, no one is surprised in high school, and kids know much much more than their parents did. I support sex ed and contraceptions for teens, but I’m with CrisySue stop treating teen parenthood as a disease. One teens have always become parents, and two just because you are age 21+ does not guarantee you are not going to be a better parent.GD Star Ratingloading…

  2. Tai'lor Phinazee

    I have a question: I heard that it is possible to get pregnant in the pool without even having intercourse. they say that if sperm is released and a female is in a decent distance, the sperm can travel up her vagina a fertilize an egg without intercourse even occuring. So is that true???

    • Safe Teens

      Hi Tai’lor. Thanks for your question! The answer is no, sperm cannot swim through water to cause a pregnancy. If there is penis to vagina contact (vaginal intercourse), however, a pregnancy is possible.

      • Esther

        GD Star Ratingloading…why because you dont like the truth? if you could go back i bet you wolndut have children until your older. you have much more of a chance of being a single mum, and financially worse, your education is at risk which stops you from getting a decent job and your mentality is different than to having a baby later say in your 20 sGD Star Ratingloading…