The word is out. Hawley, Pennsylvania’s Teen Night is a hoot!


teennightfrontDid you know that one-third of teen girls will get pregnant as a teenager? Or that half of today’s teens will get an STD by age 25? Or that an Owl’s favorite subject is Owlgebra?

Okay, only two of those statements are true. But there’s something you can do about it. (The true statements, anyway.) If you live near Hawley, Pa, just head to MFHS Circle of Care for Teen Night.

At Teen Night, you can:

  • Get tested for STDs — Guys, just pee in a cup!
  • Get a birth control prescription and get it filled
  • Take a pregnancy test
  • Pick up emergency contraception
  • Get your sexual health questions answered


Teen Night is free & confidential for girls and guys 17 and under. That means the Teen Night folks won’t tell your parents or guardians unless you want them to.

When: The first Tuesday of every month, 3 – 7 pm

Where:  MFHS Circle of Care (Right inside the castle!) at 8 Silk Mill Dr., Suite 226, Hawley, Pa.

How: Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged. You can make one by calling MFHS Circle of Care at 570.390.5000.

Got a BFF? At Teen Night, MFHS encourages you to bring a friend – or a partner.

If you can’t make teen night, rest easy: All Pennsylvania Reproductive Health Centers offer free and confidential STD tests and birth control to teens. MFHS Circle of Care also schedules appointments during the day.

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  1. Jessica

    GD Star Ratingloading…I had my daughter at 16 she is now 9 motnhs old. I already have my GDE and I am in Uni Studying to become a vet. Being a teen mum only ruins your life if you let it. I wouldnt recomend it life is hard. Im lucky that I have my Boyfriend who is still with me and has been the whole time. I think what people have to remember is shit happens good people make bad choices no matter what your age. If any teens need to talk comment or message me.GD Star Ratingloading…